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Bucyrus, Ohio

POPULATION (2012)                       AREA (2010)
City of Bucyrus - 12,092                   7.43 square miles

(Approximate center of city square)
Latitude     40N48'31"
Longitude   82W58'32"
Altitude      1,000 feet above sea level

Mean annual temperature  =   49.7 degrees F
Average annual rainfall       =   34.98 inches

CHURCHES                                   GOVERNMENT
56 (approx)                                     Mayor / City Council
representing Catholic and
most Protestant denominations

     Air - Airport is municipal-owned with a 4,000 foot paved runway and is located 1.5 miles from downtown. Lighted runway has 200 foot grass overruns at each end, and approved instrument approach. The airport can handle most twin-engine aircraft and executive jets. Hanger space and limited shop facilities are operated by a full time manager. Commercial airlines are located in Mansfield 25 miles away, while Columbus International Airport is only 60 miles away.
     Rail - Conrail main line, Fort Wayne Division. Norfolk & Southern Railroad North-South Line between Norfolk, Virginia and Sandusky.
     Taxi  - One taxi service is in operation.
     Highways - State Routes 4, 19, 96, 98, 100 and U.S. 30. New 4 lane U.S. 30 to be completed in 2003.

     Radio - WBCO 1540 AM and WQEL 92.7 FM
     Print Media - Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum
     Television - Access Television Communications serving Bucyrus. Total Victory Communications TV 54 and 22; Ohio's first regional community TV station.
     Telephone - Sprint Telephone of Ohio

- Municipal Water Works. The city uses an average of 1,700,000 gallons per day. The plant has a capacity of 6,000,000 gallons per day. Ample water supplies for industrial expansion is available. The community has completed its 4th and largest reservoir. Outhwaite Reservoir encompasses 180 acres and increased the community's water supply by 1,600,000,000 gallons. The reservoir insures the availability of resources necessary for continued economic development and offers the community another area for recreational activities.
     Natural Gas - Columbia Gas of Ohio
     Electricity - American Electric Power Company

7 public city schools, 2 parochial schools. Number of pupils in public city schools - 2,031; parochial schools - 331. Number employed in public schools - 246; parochial schools - 32. There are 3 other area wide school districts.

One library with a total of over 45,000 volumes; circulation of 114,144 and subscribes to 136 periodicals.

Total street mileage - 82, with 58 paved. Miles of sewer - 90. Number of water meters is 5,575; light meters, 6135; gas meters, 5325; Capacity of water works is 6,000,000 gallons, with daily average pumpage of 1,700,000 gallons; 59.2 miles of water mains.

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